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Reduce Fire Hazards In Your Layton Home With Switch, Receptacle and Outlet Repair

Switches receptacles outlet repair

801 Electric LLC offers the best service and results when it comes to outlet repair service in Layton. We're dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction and safety of our customers, as a reputable, professional electrician team.

Ironically, one of the most common electrical service needs in a home is outlet repair, yet receptacle repair is also one of the most ignored and overlooked. The problem is that it's often easy to ignore by working around it and using a different power source or outlet.

Yet, ignoring the need for outlet repair can lead to bigger problems because it means you have wiring issues still lingering within your walls. Disregarding the need for receptacle repair puts your home and your family at risk of injury or even a fatality.

Electrical Switch Repair

If you're considering contacting an electrical contractor to take care of services like electrical switch repairs, will you always know the signs you need service? Sure, some of these symptoms are obvious, such as simply malfunctioning.

  • Maybe it still works, technically, just not like it should. You may notice a delay from the moment you flick the switch until the light actually comes on. This often gets overlooked as just what happens with older homes but there's never a good reason for a lapse in response time from the moment you activate the lights until they actually come on.
  • If you get even a slight jolt or an electrical shock, this is a serious red flag. Again, because it doesn't feel like a serious problem, homeowners ignore it. Yet, this means a connection is not being entirely made and that leftover current is looking for grounding elsewhere. As the connection loosens, the shock will become more severe and could cause a serious injury.
  • Your light switches shouldn't make noises. So if you notice sizzling, buzzing, clicking, or popping, don't delay, call a professional today. Otherwise, you could end up with sparks inside your walls which leads to fires.

When it comes to outlet repair experts in Layton, make it a point to contact our pros for optimal safety and satisfaction.

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